York Digital Image are the source for the best photographic prints in Yorkshire.

We have an award winning Photo processing laboratory that can produce prints in any sizes up to 12"x18". The lab produces amazing prints and is second to none in the North of England!

All our prints are produced on Silver Halide Fuji crystal archive professional digital paper type DP2. This paper has a wide tonal range, producing high-image quality prints with a rich textural quality. We run a four minute development process that massively increases colour saturation and vibrancy. Fuji FP2 paper is renowned for its pure whiteness and vibrant colour reproduction, linked with our photo lab - you really can not get better!

We offer a choice of glossy or Lustre paper. Both our glossy and lustre prints are guaranteed to impress everyone that sees them, printed with light (traditionally) at 600 pixels per inch and developed in chemicals (as opposed to printed supermarket prints that are printed on easy to run inkjet and dye sublimation printers) sharpness is is better than the eye can perceive. Glossy prints are there to impress all, Lustre prints are a little more practical, handleable and are the only choice if framed up tight to the face of glass (in a picture frame without a mount). The choice is yours!

Most importantly our prints will last for generations and not fade or degrade for years! Our system uses the same process (very much updated) as was used at the start of the last century.

As part of our service we apply colour correction and brightness adjustment(even the best camera/photographer gets it wrong sometimes) and every image is checked for cropping to avoid peoples heads being removed.

To see our prices download the price list:

York Digital Price List 2012
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