These hand made canvas prints are similar to our standard canvas in that they are giclee printed onto the best quality canvas available but then they have a 70 micron pvc coating applied.

This gives them a slightly glossy finish with amazing clarity especially in the dark colours due to the giclee definitions but the laminate gives even more depth to the colours ..and it makes them suitable for locations where humidity can be a problem such as kitchens and bathrooms. The coating also gives the canvasss a certain amount of durability and can be wiped down with a damp cloth

When an image is printed onto a canvas care must be taken to allow for the image wrap. When framed 5mm is on the back of the frame and not visible 20mm is visible on the edge. This gives the canvas its 3D effect and what makes them special.

We have three ways we can wrap a canvas depending upon customers requirementsYork Digital Images three ways we wrap a canvas
With the image wrapped edge we use about 20mm of the original image on the sides of the frames.
With the Plain edge all of the original image is on the front face of the frame and the sides are left plain or colour can be chosen
When Smart Image Wrapped all or some the original image is on the canvas front we then digitally create the edges using parts of the original image and or various other techniques! This avoids loosing key details (like peoples feet or the flower stems on the image wrapped example above) around the edges of the canvas. There is generally an extra charge for this service!

A Guide to our Giclee Canvas prices is:
Aprox A size dimensions  Cost
A4 200x300mm £26.00
A3 300x450 £47.00
A2 450x600 £87.80
A1 600x850 £110.00
A0 850x1200 £178.50
2A0 1200x1700 £283.00

Please note we can make any size at all please contact us and we will confirm the price
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