Business cards are an essential requirement in any profession..

Printed on 350 gsm silk art board and printed to the highest  standards (FOGRA 39)
Laminated as required matt laminate as standard when requested
Quick turnaround is our speciality
Our New Folded cards turn a standard sized card into a mini brochure!

Business cards can be used as small flyers and tickets and are great value as such.

Any sizes can be produced - the standard is 85mmx55mm

Need a design - Costs are generally between £Free and £40 depending upon complexity of design and how many redesigns we have to make!

TIP TO KEEP DESIGN COSTS CHEAP-  Give us accurate information and good design brief in the first place! 
We will e-mail back a proof with final costings prior to printing!

Design Guidelines for those submitting their own artwork:

For documents where details extends over the edge of a design please add bleed as per the diagram below if this is not added some of the detail near the edges of your design may be cut off or look closer than it should to the edge! We will advise if this is a potential problem!

Please supply files ideally as .pdf files saved as type PDF/X-1a:2001 with all fonts embedded and bleed included.  We do accept other types of file as we understand that it is sometimes difficult to sort out but we can not guarantee results to the same extent! 

Try to ensure that all images and designs are high resolution. The standard is 300dpi (dots per inch) when you go lower than this the final print results will be poorer quality. Please Note that images taken from the web are between 72-96 dpi. 
Tip: to use web images logos etc and have good quality print the on screen image should appear to be 3 to 4 times bigger than the required printed size!

By submitting artwork York Digital Image assume that the submitter has sufficient rights to use the artwork supplied!

Be aware that designs in RGB colour will appear slightly different when converted to CMYK required for printing. Avoid mixing bitmap fills with vector fills as the join will be noticeable even when both have the same colour values!

If you've seen better prices elsewhere please ask us for a quote - we may be able to match the price or better it!

e-mail us at: sales@yorkdigitalimage.co.uk

Standard (85x55mm) 3mm bleed
QTY: 50 100 250 500 1000 2000 10000
Single sided £8 £15 £30 £40 £50 £80 £350
Double Sided £10 £18.75 £37.50 £50 £62.50 £100 £437.50

350gsm white card Matt Laminated:
QTY: 50 100 250 500 1000 2000 10000
Single sided £10 £18.75 £37.50 £50 £62.50 £100 £437.50
Double Sided £12.50 £23.44 £46.88 £ 62.50 £78.13 £125 £546.88

Multi page Business cards folded to 85x55mm 350gsm white card:
QTY: 50 100 250 500 1000 2000 10000
DOUBLE - 2 panel 1 fold (170x55 unfolded) £16 £30 £60 £80 £100 £160 £700
TRIPLE - 3 panel 2 fold (255x55 unfolded) £26 £48.75 £97.5 £130 £162.50 £260 £1137
QUAD - 4 panel 3 fold (340x55 unfolded) £30 £56.25 £112.5 £150 £187.50 £300 £1312
QUINT - 5 panel 4 fold (425x55 unfolded) £32 £60 £120 £160 £200 £320 £1400

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