York Digital Image Mosaic's are an amazing way to create a wow factor to any wall.

They suite big open wall, entrance foyers and anywhere you want to impress guests.

Your images are mounted on one side of a10mm PVC black foam board (class 1 fire rated) in a similar manner to our block mounts.

The prints are then over laminated with a 100 micron crystal matt laminate to give a lightly textured finished that can be touched and wiped down as required.

Priced per image / block / element they are unique way to portray your photos

Priced per image / block in sizes with the larger half (if unequal) up to 200mmx300mm and the other half up to 400x600, prices are:

Number of Mosaic Units Price Each
3  £75.00
4  £100.00
5  £125.00
6  £150.00
7  £175.00
8  £200.00
9  £225.00
10  £250.00
11  £275.00
12  £300.00

Choose any number of images you want to use and we will design a mosaic and send to you prior to manufacture for you to comment/approve.

You will love them!
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